Home Safety

Make Your Home Safer

The Burr Ridge Police Department is often asked "Do I need a home alarm system?" This can be a tough question to answer, and it's not because Burr Ridge has any more or less crime than any other community. Rather, it's a tough question to answer because everyone's personal situation is different. For example, you may have something specific that you want to protect. For someone else, a security system might give the family peace of mind. Whether or not you have an alarm system installed in your home is a decision that must be made with your specific situation in mind. (Keep in mind that Burr Ridge does have an ordinance regulating residential alarm systems and false alarms).

However, even if you decide to have a system installed, that does not negate your responsibility to use common sense. On the opposite end, if you decide against an alarm system, you can still (and should) secure your home by adhering to some basic do's and don'ts. For example…

  1. First and foremost: the doors to your home have locks for a reason - use them! If an intruder comes upon a locked door, he would probably continue on until he finds an unlocked one. It may seem remarkably obvious, but you would be surprised at what we could tell you. By the way, make sure that the entry door has a deadbolt lock on it. If you have a sliding patio door, an auxiliary lock is also highly recommended.
  2. Keep your first floor windows or other accessible windows shut and locked, or install auxiliary locks that permit partial opening.
  3. Use appliance timers. Have at least one light on each floor go on/off automatically. Timers can also be used to turn a radio on/off. Also, install a timer to turn on the porch or garage light.
  4. Use an answering machine, but don't have the outgoing message state that no one is home.
  5. If you get a morning paper, bring it in as much as possible before the last person leaves the house for the day. This is an obvious sign that no one is home.
  6. Do not leave notes on your door (another obvious sign).
  7. Keep the shrubbery cut back so that it will not conceal someone who is standing outside a window or door.
The suggestions mentioned above are very general in nature and are not intended to be a complete answer to every situation. While these tips will help to make any home more secure, there are always additional security measures that will be unique to every residence.

For inquiries or clarifications regarding any of the above, or for additional questions relating to home security, contact the Burr Ridge Police Department at (630) 323-8181.