Overweight/Oversize Permits

The Village of Burr Ridge and the Burr Ridge Police Department issue oversized permits for weight, length, width, and height to loads that are indivisible. The permits available include:

Single Trip: This permit allows for one trip to or from the desired location within Burr Ridge. The move can be made within 7 calendar days excluding Saturday's after 12 noon and Sunday's. The fee for this permit is $20.00.

Round Trip: This permit allows for one trip to and from the desired location within Burr Ridge. The move can be made within 14 calendar days excluding Saturday's after 12 noon and Sunday's. The fee for this permit is $40.00.

Limited Continuous Operation: This permit allows for one trip to or from the desired location within Burr Ridge. The move can be made within 90 calendar days excluding Saturday's after 12 noon and Sunday's. The fee for this permit is $100.00

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Special Notes

The Burr Ridge Police Department has partnered with Oxcart Permits to streamline the overweight permitting process.

The completed permit MUST be with the vehicle described in the permit at all times while operating on the streets within the Village and shall be exhibited upon demand to any enforcement officer.

It is the duty of the permittee to read and familiarize himself/herself with the permit provisions upon receipt. The undertaking of the permit move is deemed conclusive evidence of acceptance of the permit. The Police Department sends out statements monthly to Companies with approved accounts. No permits will be issued to companies with accounts that are more than 60 days past due.

Oversize/Weight General Provisions

Agreement: The acceptance of the permit by the grantee constitutes an agreement that the movement will be made strictly in compliance with the terms set forth in the permit and the applicable provisions of the Department Policy contained in the current issue of the publication "OVERSIZE AND OVERWEIGHT PERMIT MOVEMENTS ON STATE HIGHWAYS."

Jurisdiction: The permit is effective only insofar as the Department has jurisdiction and does not release the grantee from complying with other existing laws that may apply to the movement.

Overweight Movements: An overweight permit authorizes the movement of a vehicle or a reasonably disassembled single object loaded on a vehicle combination. If stated in the permit, the object may include an attachment; however, it must be securely mounted on the object being moved. The attachment may not be hauled as a separate object on the vehicle combination.

Locations Where Permit is not Valid: The permit is not valid on any highway or bridge posted for a load limit less than the gross weight of the move, on any highway closed to traffic, and on any highway not maintained by the Village of Burr Ridge. The permittee must obtain permission from the proper authority to use local streets or highways not maintained by the Village of Burr Ridge or from the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority if over the Tollway.

Public and Private Liability:  The grantee assumes all responsibility for injury to persons or damage to public or private property, including his own, caused directly or indirectly by the transportation of vehicles or vehicles and objects authorized under this permit. The grantee agrees to hold the Village of Burr Ridge or the State of Illinois harmless from all suits, claims, damages, or proceedings of any kind and to indemnify the Village of Burr Ridge or the State of Illinois for any claim it may be required to pay arising from the movement.

Liability Insurance:  Owners and/or operators of escort vehicles or vehicles with oversize loads exceeding 10 ft. in width, 13 ft. 6 in. in height, I 10 ft. in length, or overweight must have in effect or be self-insured in the minimum amount of $500,000 per occurrence combined bodily injury and property damage.

Authorized Times of Movements: Movements are authorized from one-half hour before sunrise to one half-hour after sunset, Monday through Friday, and from one half hour before sunrise until noon on Saturday. Movements are further restricted on specified holidays, beginning at noon the day preceding the holiday or the holiday weekend. The specified holidays are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Highway Conditions: Move shall not be made when highway is covered with snow or ice.

Inclement Weather: When visibility is unduly impaired by rain, snow, fog smog, or at any time travel conditions are considered to be unsafe by the Department or State Police, the police may direct or escort a vehicle off the roadway to a place of safety.

Right of Way During Movement: Insofar as practical, movements shall be confined to a single traffic lane and shall be made in such a manner that the rest of the roadway will be open at all times so the flow of other traffic will not unnecessarily be obstructed. Also, insofar as practicable, other traffic will be given the right-of-way over this movement. The driver shall remove the vehicle from the roadway when necessary to allow an accumulation of traffic to pass or when so directed by a police officer.

Speed: Maximum speed shall be 45 m.p.h. on all permit movements or 5 m.p.h. above the minimum posted speed limit, EXCEPT when otherwise specified in the permit. Legal weight, legal height movements up to and including 10 ft. wide are allowed to travel at the legal maximum speed limit.

Legal Height Movements: Permit authority is not required for the movement of vehicle(s), inclusive of load, not exceeding the legal height limitation of 13 ft. 6 inches established in chapter 15, The Illinois vehicle code. Therefore, no action is taken by the Department, either separately or in conjunction with authorizing an otherwise oversize or overweight movement, to ensure adequate clearance of structures for a vehicle(s), inclusive of load, not exceeding 13 ft. 6 in. overall height.

Red Flags: The extremities of all oversize vehicles, vehicle combinations or loads, and all protruding objects shall be marked with clean red flags not less than 18 inches square.

Escort Vehicles: One escort vehicle will be required on all loads more than 14 ft. 6 in. and two vehicles for 16 ft. wide or greater. Escort vehicles shall display red flags at the extremities, display "OVERSIZE LOAD" signs, be equipped with an operating rotating or flashing amber light mounted on top, and be operated by properly licensed operators at least 18 years of age. A pole for measuring vertical clearances shall be mounted on the lead escort vehicle for moves in excess of 14 ft. 6 in. in height. The driver of the escort vehicle must be in radio contact with the driver of the permit vehicle.

Restrictions in Cook Counts: Movements exceeding 10ft in width, 13ft 6in height, and 88,000 pounds gross weight are prohibited on the expressways in Cook County, except Interstate 80, Interstate 57 from US Route 6 (159th Street) south, Illinois 394 from Interstate Route 80 South. Interstate Route 290 north of St. Charles Road and Illinois Route 53.

Within the area bounded by 95th street, Illinois Route 50 (Cicero Ave.), Illinois Route 38 (Roosevelt Road), Central Avenue, Touhy Avenue, and Lake Michigan that is in the City of Chicago, and on expressways in Cook County north of Interstate Route 80 and east of Illinois Route 83, permit movements not exceeding 10 ft. in width are authorized between the hours of 9:30 am and 3:00 pm (until noon on Saturday). Movements exceeding 10ft. but less than 12ft. in width are authorized only between the hours of 7:00 pm and 6:00 am. Moves 12ft. or more in width must be made between midnight and 6:00 am. Movements exceeding 10ft in width and having an origin or destination within this area may travel during hours of darkness in Cook County for a distance of up to 10 miles outside the nearest boundary of this area.

Movements over 12 ft. in width within Cook County that are not subject to the restrictions in paragraph “B” are authorized only between the hours of 9:30 am and 3:00 pm (until noon on Saturday).

Contact should be made with the City of Chicago (312.744.4696) regarding permit requirements for movements on all streets and highways within the city other than the expressways.

House Trailers: The overall width of the house trailer includes doorknobs, awnings, or any other attachments. The towing unit of house trailers over 8 feet but not more than 10 feet wide shall be at least 3/4-ton truck. The towing vehicle of a house trailer over 10 feet but not more than 12 feet wide shall be at least a 1 -ton truck with dual wheels. The towing vehicle of a house trailer over 12 feet but not more than 14 feet wide shall be at least a 2-ton truck with dual wheels. Movement of house trailers over 12 feet wide is prohibited when wind gusts exceed 25 mph.

Special Provisions

  • Check heights of structures prior to move to ensure adequate clearance.
  • While crossing non-Interstate structures, slow to 10 mph, keep all other traffic off, and rise center line of bridge on: (a) Bridges located lb) All bridges.
  • To ensure the safety of other traffic: (a) One escort vehicle shall be provided. (b) Two escort vehicles shall be provided, a height pole shall be mounted on the lead vehicle.
  • Booms on cranes and similar construction equipment shall be adequately secured to prevent movement while in transit.
  • While crossing all Interstate structures, hold minimum speed and maintain 300 ft. interval on all Interstate highway structures.