Precautionary Boil Orders

Burr Ridge's Water & Wastewater Division is committed to providing its customers with high-quality, safe drinking water. Recently, the utility reviewed its procedures related to water main break response and testing due to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (IEPA) increasingly more stringent interpretation of the regulations on the requirement surrounding precautionary boil orders.

During this review, and based on scenarios with other communities in the region, the Village became aware of the IEPA’s evolving stance and stricter enforcement on this issue. As such, we will issue precautionary boil orders when necessary.



What does a precautionary boil order mean?
Precautionary boil orders are meant to inform customers that an incident caused the water system to become more susceptible to outside contaminants. A precautionary boil order does not mean that your water is confirmed to be contaminated. Instead, it means that because there is the possibility of contamination, you should take appropriate precautions until the Public Works Department has completed water quality testing.
When and why are you issuing these?
The Public Works Department shut down a segment of a water main for an emergency repair to a broken pipe or other unplanned maintenance on the water distribution system. During that time, the water pressure in the pipes fell below 20 pounds per square inch and raised the possibility that outside bacteria or organisms could cause illness. This order gives you precautionary notice about your water because the Village of Burr Ridge is committed to providing high-quality, safe drinking water to all its customers. The Public Works Department will test the water once the main break is repaired to confirm if contamination has occurred. In the mean time, it is best to err on the side of caution.
What happens next?
The precautionary boil order should be lifted at the end of the last day listed. Should water test results indicate actual contamination in the pipes, the Village will issue a MANDATORY boil order and initiate emergency notification methods to provide further instructions. AT THIS TIME, this precautionary boil order should expire after the above date with no further notice.
How long should I boil my water?
Affected tap water should be brought to a rolling boil for five minutes before being used.
Can I drink my water?
During a precautionary boil order, only bottled water or water that has been brought to a rolling boil for five minutes should be consumed or used for brushing teeth, cooking, washing dishes, making ice, or washing produce.
Can I wash my hands with tap water?
It is recommended that you use bottled water or tap water brought to a rolling boil for five minutes to wash your hands. If you cannot do this, it is recommended that you follow up using hand sanitizer if tap water is used to clean and rinse your hands
What if I drank water already?
If you become ill, contact your health care provider.
Can I give tap water to my pets?
Animals generally are not impacted in the same way as humans by contaminants in water. If you wish to take an abundance of precautions, you can provide your pet with bottled water or water that has been boiled for five minutes and cooled. Aquariums should not be impacted. www.