Water Meters

The Village of Burr Ridge is committed to providing the community with safe, reliable and cost-efficient water services. To help increase the efficiency of the water meter reading process and ensure accurate billing, the Water Meter Maintenance and Replacement Program routinely replaces older water meters that have outlived their useful life and when maintenance is no longer viable. 

Water Meter Upgrades

The Village of Burr Ridge has recently commenced an initiative to upgrade all residential water meters in the system. As a function of this initiative, consumers with Badger meters will have their meters replaced with a new meter, which will be more accurate and reliable. The purposes for the meter replacement project include the following:

  • The Badger meter stock has reached the end of its calibrated life;
  • Conversion to the new meter system will allow meters to be read remotely, eliminating the need for meter-reading employees;
  • Conversion to the new system will provide more accurate water consumption data;
  • Conversion to the new system will eliminate the probability of discrepancies;
  • Conversion to the new meter system will provide compliance with new EPA requirements.

Residents with a Badger meter can expect to receive contact from the Public Works Department to schedule a meter replacement. The Village expects to have all meters upgraded within the next four years and will be progressing through the Village geographically, beginning with the DuPage County side of the Village. Regardless of location, residents who wish to expedite their meter replacement can contact the Public Works Department to schedule a meter replacement at any time (630) 850-4680.

All work will be performed by Village of Burr Ridge staff, who will be attired in a Public Works uniform and will present a Village of Burr Ridge identification card upon request.

Water Meter Discrepancy

The water meter system that was previously installed in Burr Ridge consists of two separate components; 1) the actual water meter, which is installed inside the home, and 2) an exterior remote reading unit.  This system was designed to allow the Village to determine water consumption without entering the consumer’s home.  As the interior meter advances, it releases an electronic charge which then advances an odometer on the exterior of the home.  The exterior device is read each 60-day billing cycle, but the interior meter is only read by the Village at the time of meter replacement or account closure.  Therefore, the actual water that has been consumed is recorded at the interior meter and is indicated at the outside device for billing purposes only.  

In some cases, a mechanical failure results in a differential between the amount that is accurately recorded at the interior meter and the amount that is inaccurately indicated at the external device.  Failure of the outside unit to maintain a correct correlation to the actual water meter reading can occur with the old meter system.  For this reason, all water consumers are urged to periodically compare the interior and external readings.  When a new meter is installed, it allows the meter head to be interrogated directly, which eliminates the potential for a discrepancy to occur in the future. 

When a discrepancy occurs, the Village has not invoiced the consumer for the full volume of water that has been consumed.  Burr Ridge Village Code (Ordinance A-439-02-14) requires that all accounts be reconciled for accurate water consumption in order to maintain equity among consumers.  Nonetheless, the Village understands that this may result in an unexpected expense.  Therefore, the Village Code provides for a reduction to be made based upon a reduced consumption tier and rate.  This reduced amount is indicated in a separate reconciliation bill which is mailed to the consumer. 

Village Code does not allow the Village to further negotiate the rate, but a payment program can be initiated in order to further assist with account reconciliation.  If you receive a reconciliation invoice, please feel free to contact the Village of Burr Ridge Finance Department if you wish to discuss a payment plan at (630) 654-8181.