Upcoming Construction Projects

As the Village welcomes an early spring, as predicted by Punxsutawney Phil on February 2nd, preparations are underway for the construction season. Several projects that may impact daily commutes are either in progress or may begin soon. Updates will be provided as more details become available. Here’s what residents need to be aware of:

  • Willowbrook Stormwater Improvements: The Village of Willowbrook has initiated stormwater improvements that will affect traffic on Executive Drive from Madison Street, a route frequently used by Burr Ridge residents. For more details on this project, including information on lane closures and detours, please visit Willowbrook’s dedicated project page.

  • Central Tri-State Tollway (I-294) Project: The Illinois Tollway’s project resumes this year. Residents between 55th Street and Plainfield Road should have already received a letter regarding this. Work on this project has already begun. Residents with questions about this project are directed to view the communication from the Tri-State Tollway for contact information.

  • Upcoming Village of Burr Ridge Projects:

    • Road Program Resurfacing: Slated to begin in mid-April, this project involves the resurfacing of streets identified in the Road Program. The project includes curb replacement and the application of a fresh asphalt layer to restore the streets. More details will be provided closer to April.
    • Elm Street Culvert: Construction on the Elm Street Culvert is expected to start this summer. While this will temporarily affect travel on Elm Street, it will ultimately lead to significant improvements in area flooding. 
    • 79th Street Pathway: This fall, plans are in place to replace the pathway on the south side of 79th Street, add a pathway connection to the north side, and improve pedestrian crossings within Chasemoor. 
    • 83rd Street Resurfacing: This project involves a complete resurfacing of 83rd Street from South Frontage Road to County Line Road and is expected to begin this Fall. 

Patience and understanding are appreciated as these improvements to the community are made.