TCF Redevelopment Project

Date Updated: March 18, 2024

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TCF Property - CopyExisting TCF Property

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Community Development Director
Janine Farrell

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The TCF property, located at 800 Burr Ridge Parkway, is roughly 13.5 acres and is improved with a 85,000 sq. ft. office building and parking lot. The property is zoned B-2 Business, the same underlying zoning as the Village Center. The B-2 zoning district permits most general retail/commercial uses, grocery stores, and restaurants by right. The Village Center is a PUD or Planned Unit Development which allows for the mixed-use of commercial and residential. The property is located about ¼ of a mile from County Line Road.

Map of Downtown Burr RidgeThe Village’s Comprehensive Plan was updated in 2005 to describe the red shaded area (right) of downtown Burr Ridge as follows:
A mixed-use district that serves as the primary place of economic and social interaction within the community; where people shop, live, socialize, and work, and which is easily identified as unique within the community. The wide array of land uses and activities in the Village Center contributes to the creation of a unique place characterized by diverse and high-quality physical, social, and economic interactions.
  • March 4, 2025: The new property owners provided the Village this Marketing flyer (pdf).
  • January 11, 2024: The second meeting of the TCF Ad Hoc Committee took place. The minutes are available here. At the meeting, the members were made aware that the Dremonas family, owner of Pete's Fresh Market, had completed the purchase of the 800 Burr Ridge Parkway property. 
  • February 15, 2023: The first meeting of the TCF Ad Hoc Committee took place. The meeting minutes available here
Zoning Petition Process
The process detailed below is a brief, general overview of how zoning petitions are reviewed in the Village of Burr Ridge. 

  • Zoning Petition Definition: A zoning petition is an official or formal application to the Village for a certain type of zoning action. Zoning action can include changing the text of the Zoning Ordinance, changing the zoning district of a property, a special use to permit certain types of uses, a Planned Unit Development (PUD) for a larger cohesive development, or variations to deviate from standards within the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Petitioner Information: Zoning petitions can be submitted by the property owner or a representative of the property owner with their consent (i.e. attorney, architect, developer, real estate agent, contractor, engineer, etc.). A person or entity which has a contractual interest in the property may also submit a petition with the consent of the owner.   
  • Staff Review: When a formal petition for zoning action is received by Village staff, the petition is reviewed to ensure it is complete and contains all the required documents such as engineering plans and studies, landscape plans, architectural plans, traffic studies, and environmental studies. The required documents depend on the nature of the request. The review process involves Village staff and may include other entities, like the Fire District. Village staff may require revisions to the documents and this initial review may take weeks or even months. 
  • Plan Commission Review:
    • A petitioner may submit an application for a pre-application conference with the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals (referred to as the "Plan Commission"). A pre-application conference allows the applicant to present a general concept of the proposed development prior to the preparation of detailed plans and prior to holding a public hearing. The Plan Commission will discuss the proposal with the petitioner, but will not make a formal recommendation or vote on the matter. After the meeting, the petitioner may decide proceed further with their proposal and submit the remaining documents required to hold a public hearing.  
    • When the petition is determined to be complete, it is scheduled for a public hearing with the Plan Commission. There is a public notification process where the public hearing date and zoning requests are published in a local newspaper, signs are posted on the property, and letters are sent to the properties within a certain radius of the site, typically 750-800 ft. of the site. Homeowners Associations within this radius are also notified so that they can convey the information to all the residents in their subdivision. 
    • At the Plan Commission meeting, staff will introduce the petition and the petitioner may also make a presentation. The public is invited to make comments on the petition. A petition may be continued to subsequent meetings if the Plan Commission requests additional information or changes to the plans. 
    • The Plan Commission is a recommending body comprised of appointed officials. The Plan Commission makes a recommendation for approval or denial to the Village Board of Trustees. 
  • Board of Trustees Review: The petition is then reviewed by the Board of Trustees in a similar process as detailed above. Changes to the plans may be requested and the public is invited to make comments. The Board of Trustees is the final decision making body, comprised of elected officials. Once the Board makes a decision for approval or denial, that is the last meeting and final determination on the petition.  
  • Standards for Review and Decision-Making: Within the Zoning Ordinance, each type of zoning action has a specific list of "Standards" that the Plan Commission and the Board of Trustees must use to review the request. These Standards are also referred to as Findings of Fact. The Plan Commission and Board of Trustees must find that each Standard is met to approve the zoning action. For example, a special use cannot be approved if adequate utilities are not being provided.  

There is currently no meeting scheduled with regard to the TCF Property, located at 800 Burr Ridge Parkway. The Village has not received a zoning petition at this time.